Adult Drama Class

Drama classes for adults
Drama classes for adults
Are you interested in drama and performance?

Our adult drama classes are hour and a half sessions each week, for 40 weeks a year. We are a really friendly bunch who love welcoming new people to the group. So whether you want to work on your confidence, improve your public speaking skills, are pursuing theatre as a career, or are looking for a way to meet new people and have fun, this is the class for you.

The class is tailored to the interests of the group itself. In our adult class we have covered a wide range of topics, such as improvisation, how to perform realistically as another character, comic timing in performance, mask work, and have rehearsed scripts.

We work a lot differently to amateur dramatics groups; just as you would go to a yoga class, language class or whatever else takes your fancy, we are a drama class. We focus on building skills, and learning about theatre, rather than just working towards shows, this also means there is no other commitment than the weekly class. Depending on the members of the group we sometimes work towards shows, or showings of the work we have created.

Come along and meet us, and see first‐hand what we are all about. First class is half-price!

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