Classes for 11-16 years

Our classes for 11 to 16 year olds are dynamic and based on the interests of those in each group, as well as their abilities. We like to challenge the individuals in our 11‐16 groups to try new things, approach texts or new ways of performing that they haven’t encountered before, and encourage them to make their own suggestions when we create work in our sessions.

We encourage our 11 to 16‐year-old students to strive to better their performances, whether that’s through being more aware of their physicality when performing a new character, to speak a little louder and more clearly when acting, or to move out of their comfort zone so that they can discover new things they might enjoy.

For those studying drama at GCSE level, we will always be around to help and support them in any way we can. We are also happy to help any students who might want to audition for local roles, or who want to know a little more about a subject they’re interested in.