At Acting UP we pride ourselves on being affordable and excellent value for money – which is why our prices are listed below. So you’re not forced to email us to request pricing information!

All of our classes are priced between £4 and £13. And don’t forget, your first class is free!


Abshot Community Centre 4-7 years £5
Abshot Community Centre 7-11 years £5
Abshot Community Centre 11-16 years £5
The Wickham Centre 4-7 years £5
The Wickham Centre 7-10 years £5
The Wickham Centre 10-16 years £5
Cobbett Hub 4-7 years £4
Cobbett Hub 7-11 years £4
Hamble Village Memorial Hall 4-7 years £5
Hamble Village Memorial Hall 7-11 years £5
Hamble Village Memorial Hall 11-16 years £5
Pear Tree Church Hall Adult class £6
HEDCA 4-7 years £5
HEDCA 7-11 years £5
HEDCA 11-16 years £5
HEDCA Advanced Class £4
Warsash Victory Hall Acting UP Company £10 (2 hours)
Botley 6-16 years £13 (2.5 hours)
Home Education Drama Group 7-14 years years £4


Why are your classes priced differently?

It’s all to do with what we do and where we do it. Some sessions are different lengths; some halls cost more to hire than others; and at our Gosport and Wickham classes we put on a big show once a year.

How do I pay?

We send a letter to our students two weeks before the end of each half-term. The next half-term’s fees then need to be paid, by BACS transfer, before or at the first session of the new half-term.

Can I pay weekly?

We only let participants pay weekly, by prior arrangement, if there is a special circumstance. Because our ethos on being affordable is so strong, we will always do what we can to help, so please drop us an email to talk it over.

If you have any other questions about our prices, then email us at