Come and meet us!


  • Acting UP is the education side of the professional theatre company Unexpected Places, which has performed around the world and taken projects across South England. This means Acting UP is always linked to what’s happening in the industry, which, in turn, means our teaching is fresh, well thought out and relevant. This also ensures our staff members remain at the tops of their game.


  • One of our main aims is to be affordable. We are here to ensure that as many people as possible benefit from the lessons and life skills that drama can offer, as well as the fun that comes with it. We do this simply by making our weekly class fees as low as we can.


  • The majority of our groups (unless you are in our Gosport group in the autumn term) take the form of a one-hour class each week. That means no extra rehearsals or other commitments to make your weekly planning more complicated.


  • Did we mention that we aim to be affordable? That means no uniforms and (again, unless you are in our Gosport group in the autumn term) we will never ask you for any additional fees for anything; you only pay your class fee.


  • Our professional links mean we are able to apply for funding, which means we can sometimes offer free workshops or activities that our students, and the communities and schools we work with, can benefit from. We are also in contact with regional theatres and organisations, which send us casting calls for productions, if that’s the sort of thing you’re interested in.


  •  We are not a franchise. We have control over everything we teach and do, which means all our classes are tailored to the individuals that make up the group in each and every one of our settings.


  • We like to lead our classes a little differently. Rosanna’s background is in a very collaborative, “all‐hands‐on‐deck” way of working, and so our lessons incorporate this, along with the many elements that make up drama and theatre. Our students get to make the most of this, from looking at puppetry and creating their own plays, to making their own masks and so on.